Curious about Fifty O Two?


About the designer

My name is Jacq. I'm a full-time independent freelance designer in Singapore. I am doing what a designer does but my main strength lies in problems solving and identify the hidden patterns to connect the dots. I don't just make things look aesthetically pleasing. I design the whole process strategically focusing on your business needs and dress up the solution for your target audience.

I happen to have an unsatiated quest for learning new skills, acquiring new knowledge and venturing into new avenues. This allows me to approach your projects from the perspective of possibilities rather than what I already know.

I design & develop websites. I design marketing collaterals for your business. I help to distinct your business image from your competitors and communicate clearly who you are to your target audience. I've been doing what I'm doing since the late 90s.

I enjoy delivering creative solutions that help to solve business, branding, marketing and operational issues and am especially keen to work on revamp projects. If you have a project to start fresh, correct the wrongs and or enhance the exisiting version, do get in touch to discuss your requirements.

I produce, concept, design, code and write. If you like what you see here and have a project in mind that I can help you with, lets get in touch today.

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