I turn insightful ideas into memorable, beautiful brand experiences that engage the heart of your target audience

It is not just about colours on paper

I create an artwork that produces actions, impactfully reflect your vision and positioning of your business

Working with Fifty O Two for your graphic design marketing collateral is never an unthoughtful mix of text and images just to look good enough.

I work from the ground up to understand your business, your customer demographic profile, the objectives and the call to action for your direct marketing campaigns.

I take into consideration your printing budget, your distribution method and how this printed marketing collateral will fit into your business model. I build partnership with printing companies which I can provide print management service at a competitive pricing for you.

The results? Together, we create a meaningful relationship between your target audience and your business with thoughtfully crafted and visually pleasing artwork that communicates your vision effectively and fits well with your business strategy.

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Graphic design services

  • Newsletter design
  • Folder design
  • Inserts design
  • Print Ad design
  • Manual book design
  • Calender design
  • e-book design
  • Flyers design
  • Brochures design
  • Product catalog design
  • Promotion mailer design
  • Menu design