I merge functionality and beauty seamlessly, creatively and resourcefully

It is more than just a simple website

I don't just design and develop a simple website. I create a usable, elegant, professional website that works for your business

I have a deep commitment in delivering web solutions that is scalable, functional, results driven and business savvy. Not to mention, they look timelessly beautiful.

Fifty O Two development services ensure the completed implementation matches the final design with clean, elegant, search engine friendly and W3C validated code.

I strive to balance creativity with real-world effects and build a finished product that works for your business, resonate with your customers and even we ourselves will use with joy.

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Web design process
Web design process
Uncovering you.
  • Here is where I uncover you and discover your underlying desires - the real results you want to achieve.

    I ask a lot of questions to understand you and find out if I am a good match to achieve the results you hankered for.

Web design process
Web design process
  • There are many ways to solve a problem but I am focus on finding a winning solution that works best for you.

    Strategy is the core of my design approach and I always work with a strategy, a focus and a plan for your long-term success.

    I gather and evaluate all information and materials needed to work on your project to identify a connection and formulate a strategy to solve your problems and achieve your goals.

Web design process
Wireframes. Information Architecture. Design.
  • I choose design methodology that sync with the purposes and functions of your project and dress up the winning solution to reflect the unique you.

    You will be shown with the best mock concept that I came up with and majority of the time, it wins an acknowledgement from my clients almost instantly. If it doesn't, I'll go right back to push the pixels with your feedback in mind.

    Notice design doesn't come first before a solution is derived? My process is really more than just making things look pretty.

Web design process
Web design process
Technology and development
  • When art and technology merge for the world wide web, the ideas are in the hands of curators to take it live.

    Once the wireframe, information architecture and designs are in place, I turn it into code that brings the vision to life. Depends on the project scale and scope, I might have to collaborate with other developers to fulfill your project goals. You'll be informed before you are billed and do rest assured that with any hiring done for your projects, I will only work with the professionals.

    I ensure the completed implementation matches the final approved design with clean, elegant, search-engine friendly W3C validated code and test it with browsers and viewports to ensure consistency applies.

Web design process
Deliver and Launch.
  • When a great solution, a great design and a great implementation culminates in a success, it is time to pull back the curtain and share it with the world.

    When the dedication and hard work we have poured into your project brings a smile to your face - goals are met, purposes are fulfilled and you are happy - the world is ready to share the joy.

Web design process
Web design process
Reach out, Support and Manage
  • Launch is just the beginning of your successful journey. A true business continues to evolve in response to the market demands.

    I am here for the long run to build long term relationship with great clients. As your business expands, I continue to support with any changes that you require.

    My production services are meant to support every of your on-going marketing needs and I am always around if you would like advise on what to do next or have a new idea to implement.


Web design services

  • Website initial conceptual design
  • Website design / Website redesign
  • Microsite design
  • Information Architecture
  • Website user interface design

Web development services

  • Content Management System
  • E-commerce